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In RE, we learned about the Christian festival of Easter. We recreated the 4 parts of the Easter story with drama.

In our writing lessons, we have created a persuasive brochure beckoning Mesolithic people to come and join us at our wonderful new settlement - Skara Brae! We are very proud of our incredible writing!

In PE, Y3 have been learning the skills of handball. Both classes showed their skills by having a mini tournament.

In science this term, we have been learning about how our bodies need the right balance of nutrition; the importance of our skeletons; and how our muscles work to keep us moving!

Children's Mental Health Week

We wrote some lovely kind messages to each other to thank them and make us feel good about ourselves.

For 'Safer Internet Day' we looked at what we use the internet for, how technology has changed and how to be safe.


Wow! What an incredible hook day Year 3 have had today! We have learned SO MUCH about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age through a lot of fun activities, including: excavating objects; creating a museum with our found objects; making clay pots; making Stone Age jewellery; piecing broken pottery back together; grinding grain to make flour; and even some weaving! It's been a very busy and fun day!

Have a look at our incredible immersion ready for our spring term enquiry: Is it survival of the fittest?

After learning about earthquakes and the impact on Turkey and Syria, Year 3 decided they wanted to do something to help the people affected. We asked the amazing families of Pinxton to donate unwanted things to British Red Cross to sell. Today the British Red Cross came to visit us and to collect your amazing donations. Their store manager, Natalie, was so impressed by your generosity that she almost shed a tear! And we even got a certificate to say 'Thank You!' What an incredible social legacy, Year 3 - well done!

In Science, we learned about the different rock types around our school to find out what Pinxton's bed rock is.

In reading this week, we have been learning how to plan to read certain types of texts. We worked hard to plan reading poems about earthquakes with expression and intonation.

We had great fun on World Science Day dressing up as scientists and watching some WOW experiments!

For DT, we created a pulley system that would help in a life changing disaster - like an earthquake.

To end our forces unit in Science, we created our own magnetic games to play.

In PE, we have worked on symmetry and asymmetry balances.

Being Aspirational

Pinxton Library

Exploring Europe: we ate, we danced and we located different countries in Europe!

What defines a culture?

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Investigating seed dispersal.

Exploring materials to make a sculpture.

What a fantastic day to celebrate the King's coronation.

Do we always see what we create?

Presenting our balanced arguments on which Age was the best for survival.

Is it survival of the fittest?

Still image for this video
Which Age was the best for survival? We presented our thoughts through a balanced argument.

Is it survival of the fittest?

Still image for this video
Which Age was the best for survival? We presented our thoughts through a balanced argument.

World Book Day - 2023

For kindness, Councillor Mary Dooley came to talk to us.

Safer Internet Day - Today we have explored what we like to do online and we have ranked the issues we find from 'most' to 'least' annoying.

Is it survival of the fittest?

Making our own fossils.

Practical Math and reading poetry.

Our final pieces for Gymnastics.

What an amazing time we had pizza making.

Throughout the year we will add photographs and videos of all the amazing learning we do. 

What can a globetrotter find?