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In music we learned about rhythms. First we copied claps, then we applied it to the glockenspiel. It was challenging and we had to listen really carefully!

We designed and made plates based on our knowledge of Pinxton Porcelain and Chinese-influenced pottery. We're very proud of them!

Norman from The Pinxton Porcelain Society kindly visited school to let us experience this local treasure and tell us all about it.

Term 5 and 6 Enquiry Environment!


Take a look at our fantastic immersive learning environment for this term. We have taken influence from the strong traveller community and heritage that we have in Pinxton, as we are going to be learning all about our local history. We have also taken our own portrait photos to reflect our artist study of Joseph Wright, who was an artist from Derby that used light when creating his paintings and portraits. 

Our History Enquiry Comes to a Close


At the end of our enquiry 'Does money always buy happiness?' we assessed our new knowledge and showed it all off in these fabulous knowledge organisers. We thought carefully about all our new learning and how we have LEAPed through our enquiry!

Enquiry Knowledge Organisers

Science - Classification

During our science unit on classification, we learned about how scientists classify organisms and micro-organisms based on their characteristics. This was some tricky thinking, but our super science display helped us out - especially with lots of new blue vocab. We also learned about how taxonomists classify animals and used this to create our own made-up creature, based on the different animals groups. Next we learned about micro-organisms and what they look like on a microscopic level - have a look at our super representations!

As part of our PSHE lessons, we learned about fire safety with a Nottinghamshire fire officer.

Science - Electricity

We carried out an investigation to find out how varying the components in a circuit affected the brightness of the bulb. We planned the investigation first considering the variables, equipment needed and how we would do it. 

Term 3 and 4 - Our Hook Day

A Victorian School Day!


We had a fabulous day of learning all about a Victorian School Day, including:


- Dividing ourselves into boys and girls and paying for our education before we began;

- Taking part in reading and writing lessons, carefully avoiding the cane and the dunce hat!;

- taking part in regular cleanliness checks;

- completing drills to ensure that we are well exercised and that we can stand correctly;

- worked hard to remain seen and not heard during an inspection from our headmistress!


Take a look at our photos below.

Our Victorian Hook Day!

History enquiry - Victorian Learning Environment

Term 1 and 2 - Geography - Our amazing learning environment!

Our Hook Day - India!


We had a fabulous day of learning all about India, including:


- learning to read and write some Hindi (one of the many languages spoken in India);

- creating our own Rangoli patterns;

- making naan breads with Mrs Swinscoe;

- learning about Bollywood films and then learning a dance;

- and finally, we ate our yummy naan breads (some of us were really brave and tried some chillies and lime pickle!) Yummy!


Take a look at our photos below!