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Welcome to Year 6's gallery. 


Throughout the year we will add photographs and videos of all the amazing learning we do. 

As part of our enquiry, we researched the the different acts introduced in the Victorian era and presented our findings to the rest of the class. We had to find out when and why the acts were introduced and the impact these had. Scan the QR codes below to hear what we found out.

As part of Children's Mental Health Week, we learned that our voice matters. We then showed all the different things in our lives that matter to us.

As part of Safer Internet Day, we talked about our favourite things to do online and the many changes technology has seen over the years.

In PSHE, we've had a visit from our school nurse Anna to deliver a workshop all about the importance of sleep.

In science, we have been investigating the question, do the number of components effect the brightness of a bulb?

A great 3 sessions of bike ability, well done to everyone who took part and passed!

We've had a brilliant hook day experiencing a Victorian school to start our new enquiry

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Have a sneaky peak at our corridor ready for our spring enquiry - Does your circumstance determine your destiny?

Our corridor ready for Spring term

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Celebrating our learning from our Autumn enquiry - Does an economy reflect success?

As part of our learning in science, Leon's Legacy came into school to dissect hearts with us. We had an amazing time learning about the different parts of the heart and what they actually look and feel like!

In art we have been developing our skills in perspective drawing with depth and distortion. We looked at the work of M.C. Escher and then created our own sketches inspired by his piece - The Hand with Reflecting Sphere. Have a look at our amazing work below.

In design and technology, as part of our enquiry, we have designed our own Kente cloth and are now creating it using our new found sewing skills

In English we have been writing diaries about the day in the life of a kayayoo girl / boy. Have a listen to some of the amazing extracts below

As part of Anti-Bullying week we created class poems called Make a Noise About Bullying

As part of our enquiry, we have been learning about the importance of Kente cloth, what different patterns and colours represent. We've used this knowledge to design our own Kente cloth, naming the pattern and reasons for the choices of colours. We've had some really great and thoughtful designs that will look amazing once made.

For World Science day we dressed up as scientists and learned about diffusion, carrying out the skittles experiment. Have a look at the amazing results!

We have written explanation texts on light. Have a look at some of the amazing writing we've produced.

In science we investigated how different coloured filters changed the colour of objects

As part of our enquiry, we researched the natural resources that Ghana and Brazil have and then presented our research to our classes. Scan the QR codes to hear what we found out.

Aspiration Day

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Aspiration day

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Aspiration Day

Still image for this video

Aspiration Day

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Aspiration Day

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Aspiration Day

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In English we have written non-chronological reports about Ghana to link with our enquiry. Have a look at the fantastic writing we've produced.

Have a look at the 3 course meal menu we cooked for our parents

As part of our hook day for our enquiry - Does an economy reflect success? We watched and listened to some Ghanain drumming for a Kente festival. We then used our percussion instruments to compose our own African style rhythms and chants.

Year 6 had a visit from Derbyshire Fire Service to learn how to stay safe around fire, what the main causes of fire are in the home and the impact of arson and hoax calls. Everyone took home a fire safety plan to make sure they are safe at home. Thank you Adele.

Have a look at our corridor ready for our Autumn enquiry - Does an economy reflect success?

Year 6 took part in the NSPCC Speak out, Stay Safe workshop as a follow up to their online assembly. We learned the importance of telling a trusted adult if we are worried about something or to call Childline 0800 1111

As part of our enquiry - What legacy will I leave? we have designed, then created our very own bespoke Pinxton Pottery

As part of our enquiry, we had a visitor in school to talk to us about the history and worth of Pinxton Porcelain. We learned lots about how bespoke each piece is. We are now going to design and make our own!

In art we used the discipline of interpretation to create observational drawings of the Blue Willow pattern seen on Chinese pottery. We had some great interpretations, have a look below.

To celebrate King Charles III coronation, we created collages showing a portrait of King Charles and what it means to be British. Have a look at some of the amazing art we created.

To begin our enquiry, Year 6 experimented with pencils, chalk and charcoal and created portraits of each other. Have a look at their amazing work below

Have a look at the Year 6 corridor ready for our Summer enquiry

Still image for this video

Our summer enquiry is here... What legacy will we leave? Have a look at what's to come after the Easter holidays.

Celebrating the end of our Spring enquiry - Does money always but happiness?

Have a look at our eggcellent decorated eggs for Easter - well done to our 2 winners - Pat Butcher and Eggy the Eagle

As part of our RSHE enrichment, our local PCSO visited Year 6 to talk about hate crime and how social media plays a big part in this. We learned about the 7 monitored strands and the impact hate crime can have on people.

We have finished our block printing in art, in the style of William Morris. Is was really tricky to put our designs onto the blocks to print. We have to say that we are very proud of some our outcomes. Have a look below, we're sure you'll love them.

Have a look at these brilliant William Morris inspired designs as part of our enquiry. We look forward to seeing the completed prints.

Some fantastic knowledge organisers capturing our key learning in R.E

As part of Safer Internet Day - Want to talk about it? Year 6 had some fantastic discussions about the issues they have online. They worked in groups to rank the issues in order of most common to least common and then the ones they were most confident in dealing with. Have a look at some of their ideas

Does money always buy happiness?

For our Hook Day, we learned what school was like for Victorian children. We took part in lessons around the 3 Rs; religious education; handwriting and drill. We had to work our best and in silence. The teachers were very strict; we were made to wear the dunce hat if we got an answer wrong!

Does money always buy happiness? Have a look at our immersion to help us to immerse ourselves in Victorian London - from the wealthy countryside to the poor cities and workhouses.

Check out our fabulous calendars, inspired by Indian culture. We used our knowledge of Indian culture and the knowledge of stitches to create our brilliant designs. For an authentic purpose to our creations we are selling them at the Christmas Fair.

Come Visit India! After learning so much about the amazing country of India, we wrote persuasive brochures to persuade others to visit. The gorgeous presentation alone makes me want to go. Well done Year 6!

Asha and the Spirit Bird! We read the first few chapters of the story then rewrote our own versions of the narrative. Our audience was the author herself! Take a look at our fab work and the response from Jasbinder Bilan! WOW!

World Science Day! Year 6 had an AMAZING afternoon of science building on our learning of the parts of the heart. We had a visit from the brilliant charity Leon's Legacy, who dissected hearts with us, showing us the different parts of the heart. We had some amazing language-rich conversations and there was some phenomenal perseverance and bravery from our wonderful Year 6s! Wow - what an experience!

DT - before starting our project on creating a product influenced by culture, we learnt some sewing skills, including a running stitch and a backstitch. It was tricky but we persevered! We practised sewing different line types, ready for our sewn products which we will make to sell at our Christmas Fayre!

RSHE - British Red Cross visited us virtually for a workshop all about migration and empathy. It was really great to learn about the reasons why some people choose to migrate or may be forced to. We also looked at how we would feel if we were in the same situation, which helped us to develop our empathy.

Science - In Science during term 1, we learned about light. Part of this was learning how shadows are formed in the shape as the object that casts them. We enjoyed creating shadows and looking at how the shadow shapes didn't change but we could modify the size. We were especially intrigued by objects made from transparent materials, like our rulers!

RSHE - We enjoyed a visit in RSHE to learn about road safety. We found it really useful, especially to help us get ready for our walk to secondary school next year!

Take a look at our amazing corridor for our enquiry: Can a culture build an economy?

Our Hook Day - India!


We had a fabulous day of learning all about India, including:


- learning to read and write some Hindi (one of the many languages spoken in India);

- creating our own Rangoli patterns;

- making naan breads with Mrs Gisborne;

- learning about Indian dancing. We had a go with Miss Johal, our sports coach;

- and finally, we ate our yummy naan breads (some of us were really brave and tried some chillies and lime pickle!) Yummy!


Take a look at our photos below!

Geography Hook Day!