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Inclusion and SEND

Ensuring that every child gets the best education possible, means that we work hard to support and address individual learning needs. More information about how we do this can be found in our SEN and Inclusion Policy, in the policies section of the website.


Equally, feel free to contact our SENCO (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator), Mrs Sarah Clarke, who will be able to answer any questions you may have. Sarah is a teacher based at Kirkstead Junior Academy but works across all three of our academies in her SENCO role.



At Pinxton Village Academies, teachers plan an engaging curriculum to meet the needs of learners. All activities are planned with each child's development and progress as the focus. Each classroom has a range of resources designed to support children to progress independently, enabling children to take ownership of their learning and development.


If a child is considered to have an additional need, their class teacher, with support from the SENCO, will plan for the child to receive support to overcome their specific barrier. Parents will be informed and will be asked to contribute to this planning.


Some of the provision specific to supporting children with additional needs is detailed below. However, all children are different and their individual needs will be considered and planned for appropriately. All children identified as having an additional need will be included on our provision map which will document the specific activities designed to overcome the identified barrier.


Communication and interaction

  • additional opportunities to speak to adults, including social/formal activities
  • additional support with instructions (verbal and pictorial support as appropriate)
  • Speech Link assessment tool and resources involving speech production
  • Early Language Lead

Social, emotional and mental health

  • positive play sessions with trained teaching assistants
  • additional time with adults to talk about issues
  • planned group interventions to support social skills

Cognition and learning

  • planned opportunities for over-learning in a one-to-one situation
  • additional adult support to complete activities where appropriate
  • follow-up work with a Teaching Assistant after external agency support

Sensory and physical needs

  • resources for children with these needs are often specific to the individual child and therefore would be acquired as per the need
  • SENCO and class teacher liaise with appropriate external agencies to ensure that resources are available
  • for acute needs it may be necessary to adjust on-site facilities to enable provision (following successful grant of additional funding)